Last updated on October 16th, 2019 at 11:03 am

Collecting driving data is the first step to enter into the vehicle telematics world. Smartphone-based data collection is the way to go in case there is no hardware-based data collection solution in the vehicles. The Motion-S SDK provides a fully native Software Development Kit for Android and iOS that allows the smart detection of trip start and end, the collection of location data at a high sampling rate and the pushing of the aggregated trip data through the Motion-S API.

For customers interested in integrating the SDK into their own (existing or new) apps, Motion-S offers consultancy for the integration of gamification layers for final users. A gamified app encourages the user to provide trip data, gives feedback on driving style, performance, areas of improvement and possible incentives. Gamification can include loyalty, reward & offers systems.

The integration of convenience services for payment (parking, fuel at the pump or maintenance management) enables the creation of ecosystems for our customers beyond their classical product offering.