Last updated on October 18th, 2019 at 01:16 pm

Our solution relies on powerful platform, dealing with data collection, data augmentation and mobility profiling with a predictive approach. Our platform fetches our customer’s mobility data coming from any source and performs an augmentation process through contextualization, using information on the road topology, environment,  traffic or weather conditions of the driver’s ride among others. Once data is augmented, we process the data with the help of our predictive algorithms that extract the most relevant features to explain risk exposure, eco efficiency and car wear to create user profiles.

By explaining the Total Cost of Mobility (TCM), the mobility profiles are of proven interest for fleet managers, car sharing operators, insurance companies, OEMs or any other actor in the mobility ecosystem, enabling them to create innovative and dynamic pricing schemes based on user behavior and to provide active coaching to keep even traditionally high-cost users under a competitive offer.