Last updated on October 16th, 2019 at 11:04 am

Motion-S offers data augmentation based on provided locations. Our API provides geo data contextualization and receives full trips data (list of locations). Following it provides a unique response of contextual data that augments the trip. Our API is the one and only solution in the market that is trip-based.

Our API is our offer for customers having already done some first steps into the world of telematics. We offer access to our API, which is able to handle several millions of trips per hour. Customers can submit driving data, let it being processed and allows them to fetch profiles.
The API methods aim at giving developers the tool to easily integrate the telematics data, either generated by our SDK or by self-managed devices, into our profiling and analytics platforms. API access and the data processed is secured and privacy compliant, since the API is completely agnostic about user personal information.